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Nov 17, 2013 9:00pm EST
that has always been prepared to stand up for its values, and today, on armistice day, let us join together in paying tribute to all of this brave men and women across the generations who have given their lives for our safety and our freedom. [applause] four years, prime ministers have been coming to this banquet to talk about the big, global challenges facing britain and the west. traditionally, these have been about our security and our values, but today, the biggest challenge that we face is economic. it is about how we would assure a strong, sustained, and successful recovery that delivers for everyone in britain, and let's remember that a strong and successful economy is the foundation of our influence when it comes to the foreign-policy issues that we traditionally talk about here. so it is this economic challenge that i want to talk about tonight. now, of course, britain has recovered from recessions and financial pressures before, but this time, there is a difference. in the past, there was an assumption that the west would still emerge as the strongest in the world, whethe
Nov 18, 2013 12:00am EST
on the biggest bilateral trade deal in history: a deal between the eu and the us that could be worth £10 billion to britain alone. we agreed a lough erne declaration that should ensure companies pay their taxes, governments are transparent about their income and the world endorses free trade. we have continued to promote british business abroad - with more foreign direct investment in britain this year than anywhere else on the planet. we negotiated a real terms cut in the eu budget. and i set out plans for a more competitive and flexible european union and promised the british people a referendum on the new settlement we reach. we honoured our promises to the poorest in the world - vaccinating a child against diseases that can kill every 2 seconds. over the last year we continue to help around the world - as we are today in the philippines where typhoon haiyan has wrought such appalling devastation. britain is contributing £10 million and hms daring, currently deployed near singapore, will shortly be heading at full speed towards the disaster zone with further support from a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2